Why Sunnyo is the next best sunscreen

Why Sunnyo is the next best sunscreen

Reasons why Sunnyo is one of the best quality sunscreen for baby & kids in Australia & New Zealand

Sunnyo is a natural and organic sunscreen that is long lasting, water resistant, broad spectrum and suitable for babies, children, adults and those with sensitive skin. It contain active ingredient non-nano Zinc and free from irritating chemicals, fragrances, preservatives and titanium dioxide.

When we made Sunnyo, our goal was simple. We wanted to create a brand of sunscreen that adhered to three things:

  • Sunscreen made with children in mind

  • Sunscreen that lasts

  • Affordable sunscreen

Whether you're hitting the beach, camping or taking a picnic in the park - forget slathering yourself in chemical-based sunscreen and use something natural and good for you and wear it all year round. The whole family can go outside and have fun without worrying about getting burnt to a crisp! Better yet, the finish of Fam Bam Sunscreen is intended to be resilient and dries nice and soft - soooo satisfying, you must try it!

This new, 100% vegan & organic Australian sunscreen is everything you could want from a sunscreen for your baby or child. Made SPF50, its mineral formula is super gentle with a non-greasy soft finish. The bottle it comes in is super nifty, it's light, easy to hold and the perfect size to stash in your nappy bag. With its minimalist packaging, not only will you be happy putting it on your little one, but everyone else in the family will enjoy the experience too.

If you read to the end of this blog, please enjoy a hidden discount code of GOLDSTAR25 for 25% off when you order with Sunnyo today!