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Handy Dandy Toolbox - Wooden Toy Tool Kit

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Handy Dandy Toolbox - the ultimate wooden toy tool kit for young builders and tinkers!

This delightful set comes packed with 20 essential pieces, designed to inspire creativity and hands-on learning in children. Crafted with sturdy wood and adorned with vibrant colours. Elevate your child's playtime experience with the Handy Dandy Toolbox - where imagination meets craftsmanship!

Product Features:

  • Premium Quality Construction: Made from durable wood, this toolbox is built to withstand hours of playtime fun while maintaining its charming appeal.

  • Variety of Tools: Equipped with 20 different pieces including hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, and more, this toolbox provides young builders with everything they need to tackle any imaginary project.

  • Educational Play: Encourage cognitive development and fine motor skills as children learn to use each tool and engage in pretend play scenarios.

  • Portable Design: Compact and lightweight, measuring 21cm x 29cm, this toolbox is perfect for on-the-go play, whether it's in the backyard, at a friend's house, or even on a family road trip.

  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for solo play or interactive sessions with friends and family, this toolbox sparks creativity and fosters teamwork as children collaborate on building projects.


Dimensions: 21cm x 29cm 
Contains: 20 pieces
As pictured