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Playon Crayons - Play Shaped Crayons

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Dinosaur & Animal Shaped Crayons

Playon Crayons - the perfect gift idea!

We partnered up with the wonderful team at Squiggle & Play, our specially made dino & animal crayons encourage children's creative play time using the crayons to draw, colour and role play. Great for travel, indoors or outdoors (remember to put on your sunscreen!)

These adorable non-toxic crayons are ideal for small hands, helping to hone fine motor skills, engage in role playing and build little ones imaginations!

All our crayons are fun to use and draw with, but we do recommend that use of the crayons is under adult supervision and for children 3 years and above.


Tub: includes 12 little dino or animal shaped icons 

Measurements of each crayon: approx. 3-4cms each