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Sippy Bear - 1L Water Bottle

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Staying hydrated has never been cuter with Funshine's Bear Shaped Water Bottle!

Comes with a bonus portable straw and carry straps. 

Quench the thirst with Sippy Bear - where practicality meets playfulness. Make hydration a cuddly experience for your little ones with this 1L Water Bottle. Designed with children in mind, the Sippy Bear bottle combines whimsical charm with practicality, making it the ideal choice for little ones and the young at heart.

Product Features:

👧🏻 Made with Kids in Mind: Comes with a press button to open the lid, and sip directly from the opening or use the bonus straw included. The cup lid is designed with an anti mis-opening lock, ensuring safety for little ones. Easily switch between using the straw for sipping or remove it for a direct drinking port. The large-diameter design makes cleaning a breeze, with no hidden corners.

🐻 Cuddly Bear Design: The charming bear design adds a touch of whimsy to every sip, making hydration fun for all.

💦 Large 1L Capacity: With a generous 1 litre capacity, Sippy Bear ensures that your little adventurers stay hydrated throughout their active days. 

🍼 Portable Straw for Easy Sipping: Equipped with a convenient straw, this big-belly cup makes sipping on-the-go a breeze.

🌞 Portable and Practical: The lightweight and portable design of Sippy Bear comes with an optional strap which makes it easy to carry, ensuring hydration is always within reach, whether at school, the park, or on family outings. 

✅ 100% Leakproof: The water bottle lid features a built-in silicone sealing ring for multiple layers of leak-proof protection.



  • Material: PP+PC+Silicone
  • Capacity: 1000ml / 1L
  • Size: 12.5 x 17.2cm / 4.92 x 6.77inch
  • Colour Options: White, Blue, Purple, Pink
  • Please note the straw is not in-built into the water bottle opening, it is a portable and optional straw.