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Woodland Wobblers - Balancing Game with Animal or Dinosaur Shaped Wooden Blocks

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Wooden Blocks Shape

Ultimate balancing game that brings a touch of nature-inspired fun into playtime!

Watch your little ones immerse themselves in the excitement of stacking animal or dinosaur-shaped wooden blocks with precision and skill.

For children of all ages, Woodland Wobblers promises hours of engaging entertainment, both indoors and outdoors. This game sparks creativity and enhances fine motor skills and coordination.

Product Features:

  • Whimsical Shapes: Choose from an assortment of charming animal or dinosaur shapes, each crafted from smooth, durable wood for endless balancing possibilities.
  • Natural Wood Beauty: Embrace the beauty of natural wood tones, it adds an element of organic and timeless to the play experience.
  • Balancing Challenge: Encourage fine motor skills and concentration as your little ones navigate the art of stacking and balancing the wooden blocks.
  • Imaginative Play: Fostering creativity, Woodland Wobblers allows children to create their own balancing challenges, inspiring imaginative play.
  • Nice and Sturdy: With rounded edges and a child-friendly design, these wooden blocks ensure a safe and worry-free playtime for toddlers and kids.
  • Educational Entertainment: Promote cognitive development as children engage in this entertaining balancing game, combining learning with play.
  • Versatile Settings: Whether in the cozy corners of your home or the great outdoors on a picnic mat, Woodland Wobblers adapts to any play environment, providing versatile entertainment.


Dinosaur balancing game - 25cm x 10cm

Animals balancing game - 25cm x 16cm