2024 Trending Gifts for Kids and Families

2024 Trending Gifts for Kids and Families

Top Trending Gifts in 2024 - Perfect for Birthdays and More!

Thanks to our friends at Funshine, explore the joy of giving with our carefully curated list of trendy and playful gifts for toddlers, kids, and families in 2024.

Whether you're shopping for birthdays, special occasions, or simply seeking affordable gift ideas, unwrap the magic of thoughtful presents that create lasting memories—all priced under $100 or $50.

1. Fam Bam Sunscreen - Sunnyo Australia

Priority protection meets playful application with Fam Bam Sunscreen by Sunnyo Australia, making it an ideal gift for any sunny celebration. This kid-friendly sunscreen not only shields against harmful rays but makes the application process fun.

2. Shark Snugglers - Kids Shark Foam Slippers

Transform little feet with Shark Snugglers - cozy foam slippers that make a perfect surprise or gift. Ideal for sparking imaginative play or quickly slip on for the shops.

3. Crawly Crab - Viral Crawling Crab Toy

As seen on social media, the Crawly Crab is a viral sensation—great for birthdays and special occasions! This viral crawling companion promises hours of entertainment, fostering sensory development and imaginative play.


4. Dancing Cactus - Viral Mimicking and Talking Toy

Meet the Dancing Cactus, the talk of the town! With mimicking and talking abilities, it's an amusing gift idea for babies and toddlers, adding humour to playtime.


5. Kinder Console - Fast Push and Pop Reflex Game

Interactive playtime with the Kinder Console, an exciting gift idea that challenges coordination and reflexes. A great addition to car rides, plane rides or family holidays, combining fun and skill development.

6. Safari Spotters - Kids Binoculars

Encourage young explorers with Safari Spotters - a thoughtful gift for any adventurous occasion. Designed for outdoor adventures, these kid-friendly binoculars enhance curiosity and appreciation for the world around them.


7. Cubby Cafe - Wooden Coffee Machine Set

Inspire aspiring baristas with the Cubby Cafe Wooden Coffee Machine Set—a perfect birthday gift that fosters imaginative play and basic math skills through pretend transactions.

8. Scoop and Serve - Wooden Ice Cream Shop Kit

Indulge in the sweet world of pretend play with the Scoop and Serve Wooden Ice Cream Shop Kit. This Montessori-inspired set makes an excellent gift idea for birthdays, encouraging creativity and social interaction.


9. Tropical Buddies - Sunscreen Applicators Sponge Set

Make sun protection fun with Tropical Buddies Sunscreen Applicators Sponge Set—a practical and playful gift idea for sunny days alike. Pairs perfectly with our sunscreen

10. Sippy Bear - 1L Water Bottle

Stay hydrated in style with the Sippy Bear 1L Water Bottle—a versatile gift perfect for birthdays, school, outings, and playdates. The spill-proof design ensures mess-free sipping.

11. Mane Mate - 360 Rotating Spill-proof Bowl

Introduce hassle-free snack time with Mane Mate, the 360 Rotating Spill-proof Bowl—a thoughtful gift idea for any family occasion, perfect for energetic eaters.


12. Stack and Lock - Lunch Box Blocks Set (3 Containers)

Revolutionise lunchtime with Stack and Lock, the Lunch Box Blocks Set featuring three containers. This clever design makes it a fantastic gift idea for school or picnics, ensuring meals stay fresh and organised.


Make your gift-giving memorable with our top trending gifts. From birthdays to special occasions, our curated list ensures joy, laughter, and discovery—all under $100 or $50. Happy gifting! 

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